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View Diary: The crazy jumbled mess of current polling (291 comments)

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    The only time Obama had a clear cut advantage was after the convention: the Clinton bounce. Clinton has in years past been unpopular around these parts, but there's no denying he threw a beautiful deep pass to Obama who fumbled the game-winning touchdown away at the last debate.

    So it's all on Obama now. Fine. The polls are all over the place. Fine. The President and his campaign will focus on what they can control. Obama must be eloquent, focused, and prepared in the next two debate. Money, time, early-voting efforts, and Bill Clinton should be directed to Ohio, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Television surrogates have to call out the media on its pro-Romney talking points to contain the Libya fallout.

    And then let the chips fall where they may. GOTV. There is nothing else we can do.

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