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View Diary: About Mitt Romney's 'binders full of women'? Guess what. It's BS. (298 comments)

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    The word "liar" refering to one telling them means "somebody who tells lies". You decide if Romney is "somebody who tell lies" and determine for yourself if Mitt Romney is a "liar".

    TrueBlueMajority one does not need to go to MA to find the truth, a little research on the internet works well, for those of us who care. It's like a little lady from church told us the other day, she asked: "did you see Obama 2016" we said no, she went on to say that she was suppose to go the night before but didn't, then she said to me and my wife, "but I believe every word of it", go figure, do you think that facts will change her mind? Rick Norlund

    By the way, Romney worked very little across party lines in MA. (see generally )

    In reality the MA Legislature governed without Romney, by overriding his 800+ vetoes 744 times.

    "In truth, his approach in Massachusetts was neither severely conservative nor bipartisan. Democrats in the legislature held a veto-proof super-majority. That meant Romney had no choice but to play ball with them or else he would get nothing done. Sometimes he opted for the former, as in the case of healthcare reform. Often, he opted for the latter." (see

    800+ vetoes many of which were overturned by the Legislature, 250 in his last year were all overturned, sometimes unaminiously. (see

    "Of Romney's 844 vetoes, 707 were overridden by the legislature, some unanimously"

    The says: "During his last year as governor, he was largely an absentee chief executive:" (see

    Read more:

    Medicade see: Daniel Hatcher, associate professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law, called the approach:

    Akin to tax schemes using offshore bank accounts — but instead of avoiding federal taxes, seeking to pilfer the federal treasury. The Wall Street Journal labeled such financing mechanisms “Medicaid Money Laundering” and a “swindle.”

    Read more at:

    Education see "Education initiatives in Massachusetts began well before Romney became governor, and he did not derail that progress or reduce the state’s comparatively generous tax support of schools or take on the strong teacher unions in the state.

    Massachusetts’ solid reputation in education was in place before, during and after Romney’s term." (

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