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View Diary: Convincing my anti-tax uncle to vote yes on Prop 30 - help me? (9 comments)

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    Killer of Sacred Cows

    1. make the most of industries that have to be located in CA - agriculture, tourism, real estate, locally installed wind and solar (and wave!) power, etc.

    2. sustain the infrastructure and educational system necessary to develop a steady flow of new industries, by paying taxes and funding government. we aren't going to beat china and india on the low wage end, so beat them on the innovation and skilled labor end.

    3. start treating our incredibly diverse population as an economic resource, educate and integrate them into a dynamic state culture, and then let them further connect CA businesses with the rest of the world through their diverse familial, linguistic and cultural connections. and yes, this takes a state investment in education yet again.

    we're never going to successfully pull off the southern state tactic of low skill low wage low tax industries using sweetheart deals to poach industries from elsewhere. like a good farm system does for baseball teams like the a's, if we put the seed money into nurturing local and immigrant talent, we can grow far more jobs than we could poach, and they're more likely to stay here too.

    finally, california is a fucking nice place to live, and that gives us a palpable advantage at both attracting and retaining talent for our economy.

    honestly, i'm not convinced you can reach this guy, but that's my rebuttal.

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