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View Diary: Mitt Romney's Horrid Take on Crime: Blame Single Mothers (154 comments)

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  •  Your comment is like Romney's (7+ / 0-)

    in your focus on women being responsible for the whole situation. I thought we were past that. Aren't the fathers of children also responsible for what happens?

    You say,

    But there is nothing wrong with telling young women not to become single parents and having some temporary stigma to discourage such irresponsible behavior.
    What about young men? Aren't they part of the act of conception? Or is the assumption that women control the entire decision to conceive and that men are just disinterested parties?
    •  I am placing the blame on the dad too (1+ / 0-)
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      Linda Wood

      Please, give me a break. I clearly say the women saddled with the kids alone need to hold the birth dads responsible and do whatever it takes to get them involved . And that would involve reporting thenm to the authorities.

      We also need to put in stricter laws to arrrest absentee dads if they just walk away from their kids. We have too many cases where the mothers give up if the dad is an idiot. They owe it to their kids not to let the dads just walk away scott free.

      If it was the dads with custody, I would say the same.

      Of course, if the partner is beyond mere negligent and is abusive and a head case, then you cut your losses and get that partner arrested instead of involving them with the kids.

      •  I apologize if I misunderstood you. (1+ / 0-)
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        Romney's focus on single parent women is perhaps making me hyper vigilant against a return to the mindset that women are responsible for conception and not men.

        It's a big issue, a huge social and economic issue. His attitude makes me feel that people with the most ruthless economic power resist any change in the direction of the empowerment of low income people.

        Labor is the issue, really. It's why he would buy a manufacturing company in China, because workers there are oppressed by a dictatorship. His referral to the the women who worked in the plant as "girls" caught my attention, along with his admiration for their supposed willingness to work for unthinkably low wages and live 12 to a room sharing one bathroom with hundreds of others. He's a pig. And his attitude toward women is infuriating.

        •  My outlook is slightly difffernet (0+ / 0-)

          BUt I am glad you recognize we probably share more in common on this issue than where we differ. I do admit I am to the right on expectations, so I know where you come from because there are people who use similar language as me from the right, but I do assign blame for both.

          •  After reading your other responses (2+ / 0-)
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            1world, pravin

            in this thread, I do see what you mean, and I agree in ways that demonstrate how we all differ and agree on such issues.

            Just to give you an example, I consider myself to be a leftist, but I also believe that the issue of the Two-Income household, as examined by Elizabeth Warren in her book on the subject, is extremely important. I agree with her that the generation that has attempted to keep up with the increasing cost of living by having both parents work has experienced a net decrease in their economic security and well being. I would advocate doing whatever it takes to go back to the One Income household. I feel strongly about it because I believe children have suffered the most from this rapacious economy.

            •  Two income households (2+ / 0-)
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              pravin, Linda Wood

              I stayed home for several years while my kids were young and it was great because I could teach my kids so much and provide opportunities for music, sports etc. After becoming a single Mum, I did have to return to work and my kids have much less time with me and of course this affects them. I have often thought that we need to rethink what being a feminist means. For me, it means giving women choices; ideally, I would prefer a part-time job but when one is highly educated, there are few part-time jobs in your field. I love my work but I love being there for my kids even more and I do not expect all women to feel the same way.

            •  Weigel highlighted that Warren book (1+ / 0-)
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              Linda Wood

              David Weigel is an odd guy. I don't understand why he even votes Republican because he seems like the old style republican in the Ford era.

              But I do remember reading about Warren's book in this article a few weeks ago.

              Funny how other conservatives try to paint her as this one note leftist when she has common sense ideas , many which happen to be liberal.

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