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View Diary: Mitt Romney's Horrid Take on Crime: Blame Single Mothers (154 comments)

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  •  Because the mother is the woman. (2+ / 0-)
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    tonyahky, Linda Wood
    Why is the mother to blame for the actions of the father?
    •  Dont ignore physical realities (0+ / 0-)

      First of all, I never implied the father should not be held accountable. I think laws should be strengthened to make it easier for the mom do get the absentee dad detained if he walks away.

      Having said that, just like  a woman has the right to abortion, the flip side is life gets unfair for her in terms of shouldering the extra effort with the delivery and having automatic custody because even if both parties are irresponsible with the conception, only one side gets saddled with the baby physically because the guy can just run away since he does not have to deliver the baby.
      So like it or not, the woman ends up paying more for her bad choice than the guy because it's her body that is delivering the baby.  So like it or not, she probably has to exercise more discretion until we can strengthen the laws because she is the one who ends up paying for it more in case the dad leaves.  It's just a physical reality which is why she gets the right to choose.  That is why I support making laws stronger to hold birth dads accountable because the woman is going to have to track the guy down.

      •  She doesn't get blamed for bad fatherhood. (0+ / 0-)

        Was the point.

        •  No, but nothing wrong with raising expectations (0+ / 0-)

          Life is unpredictable and no woman can tell for sure if the guy she sleeps with is going to leave her or not.
          But from what I have observed, there are way too many women living in la la land and not being careful who they sleep with bareback and they end up paying for both of their mistakes if the guy runs away.

          It's like a male celeb impregnating a female groupie versus a female celeb getting impregnated by a male groupie. The female groupie usually is the one who makes out with the money. Kevin Federline notwithstanding, it is usually the male celeb who will end up paying more for his mistake than the female celeb. So the male celeb is the one who usually gets the warning to watch out for groupies m,ore than the female celeb, numbers of groupies notwithstanding. Gender problems are different.

      •  Not the Mom's responsibility (1+ / 0-)
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        Linda Wood

        While I agree that 2 pairs of eyes would be great when raising kids (or even a village), that doesn't mean that a woman/or man cannot raise a decent kid on their own. It takes courage, a lot of social skills and sheer hard work.

        Yes, the woman carries and gives birth to a child but the actual act of conception is not only her choice, she is not the only one who has to exercise discretion. I'm all for holding birth Dads more accountable but you know in my case, even though my kids father is around and helps with certain responsibilities that he wants to, such as driving the kids to soccer, there are many more jobs he doesn't do. I have tried to remind him gently via email, tell the kids to remind their Dad about their homework but in the end, I just accept that if I want my kids to grow up into decent educated people, I will have to take care of it myself. I cannot afford to wait for their Dad to accept his responsibility. That's his choice.

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