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    I'm as close as it gets to being a single issue climate voter (but, I care too much about healthcare, immigration, gay rights, and the rest of the package to call myself "single issue"), but I feel very confident that Obama is going to tackle climate in his second term.

    He's been bringing it up repeatedly in speeches, and we've been seeing a lot of executive level policy changes designed to reduce emissions. In fact, American CO2 emissions have been on the decline for the last few years. Last year, for example, emissions dropped even as the economy was growing.

    Regardless of what the fact checkers have to say about Obama and Romney's dicksizing over who loves coal miners more, the fact is, coal is on the decline in the US, and will continue to decline, partly because we're finally retiring ancient coal fired plants, but also because coal is just losing in the marketplace.

    We might not get climate legislation passed until 2014, and we may never get a comprehensive international agreement. But where it counts, actually cutting CO2 emissions, we're doing it, and we'll only do it more in the second term.

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