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View Diary: A Binder Full of Gender Discrimination (10 comments)

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  •  bit off topic but since women and minorities (4+ / 0-)

    are among the last hired, first fired brigade and since women are more likely to be fired for being preggers (this is snark), this hit home yesterday as my daughter, some 4 weeks from delivery, after being fired 6 months ago when she began "showing", was told by the intake worker to give up on UI benefits.  She has jumped through hoop after hoop to get her benefits (Which are only for a couple of months since our governor has rejected federal funds for extending benefits).
    The worker told her that the rules were being changed almost weekly, with some of the changes retroactive, to make it easier to deny benefits.  Last week my daughter got into a shouting match with a worker who told her it was her responsibility  to keep up with rule changes since she had nothing else to do and besides, most of the time the workers themselves were not aware of rule changes until the week after they took effect.
    The second worker told my daughter that any time an employer protested benefits, they were instructed to rule for the employer and force the worker to appeal since many will not, for whatever reason.
    They were also told to deny benefits for any reason.  For example, a COA requires the beneficiary to come to the UI office in person with two proofs of former and new residence and benefits are frozen until this is done.  We are a large rural county and there is no public transport so the beneficiary has to find a ride and frequently pay $25-$100 for the ride, when UI benefits are less than $200/week.

    Question is, why not just kill the UI program rather than continue with this farce of making people jump through hoops only to change the rules mid-hoop?  

    •  Why not complain to the office of civil rights or (3+ / 0-)

      labor board in the state?

      Here is a list of Women's Legal Action Lists. Perhaps there might be one that could help your daughter.

      She PAID into the Unemployment Benefits as a safety net for her and other workers, should she lose her job. She is lawfully entitled to those benefits as a result.

      The companies that do this should be sued and fined heavily for unfairly grappling money that is not theirs from tax payers who in good faith put that money into a system for American Workers.

      •  Not to mention, it is against the law to fire (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        FloridaSNMOM, Cassandra Waites

        pregnant women. Even the US Military doesn't fire pregnant women, not even if they get knocked up on deployment.

        •  problem is you have to prove it (3+ / 0-)

          She was fired for chronic absenteeism though each absence was a trip to the doctor for a high risk pregnancy.
          The other staff mailed her a box of her personal stuff since they barred her from the building.  They dumped several trashcans into the box as well as her personal stuff

          •  I would contact a group on that list that seems (2+ / 0-)
            Recommended by:
            FloridaSNMOM, Cassandra Waites

            appropriate, and let them decide whether or not this can be proven.

            Don't give up before you have even tried.

            Take the documentation and her account into said group and let them look it over.

            My advice would be to interview your daughter, print up all emails, copy letters, and preserve phone messages and text, etc., and put them in chronological order with her personal account of the situation + medical notes/prescriptions, medical notes from her doctors, appt schedules, outcomes, etc.,

      •  Thanks for the information but civil rights (2+ / 0-)
        Recommended by:
        FloridaSNMOM, Cassandra Waites

        are something of a joke in this state.  Local landlord entered rental properties without notice, had the electricity cut off to a dwelling which had a newborn in it for nonpayment of rent, and called renters at work to collect back rent and also called their bosses to complain that they were not paying their rent.  He also tried to charge for back rent (rent for units before agreement was signed)

        The renters simply moved; it was not worth going to court they felt since the magistrate would be "for" the landlord and they could not afford a lawyer.  Pro bona lawyers are almost impossible to find for civil cases.

        •  Well, if nothing is done, nothing gets done (0+ / 0-)

          It takes people getting their hands dirty in situations like this and pushing the issue.

          It sucks, because we are all busy and tired and pissed off, but that is how it is.

          So if you don't go to the trouble of trying, then your prediction will undoubtedly come true and remain that way.

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