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View Diary: Remember when Romneyland said Obama couldn't win the second debate because he wasn't smart enough? (153 comments)

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  •  I remember well and also remember (10+ / 0-)

    that the Romney campaign (Sununu being co-chair)
    said earlier the same day that Obama was LAZY.

    it made barely a blip

    Lets imagine Official Obama co-Chair (Gov Patrick for example) saying that about Romney

    can't imagine it. Cannot. Press would spend days on it.

    they are so easy on Republicans sometimes, it's tiresome.
    Not even adding that since Obama is the first Black President we all know what LAZY is trying to get at...
    it is disgusting in it's own special way....


    •  sorry to cluelessly point this out when it (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      RichM, Just Bob, Fiona West

      already was
      (about the lazy)'s astonishing how little press it got at the time
      and if Sununu repeated it yesterday before the debate he did so knowing he'd get a pass.

    •  Obama displayed an intellect (4+ / 0-)

      that was easily 20 pts above Romney on any intelligence test.

      •  if Obama were a dim bulb (0+ / 0-)

        it would be less offensive. He does not at all in ANY endeavor in his life come across as stupid. GWB did at time because of a ?learning disability? -he chose words very laboriously and they often were not what he may have meant. This made him, possibly, appear unintelligent.

        So I wouldn't have like say Kerry's campaign (can you imagine that ever happening?NO) calling Bush "not to bright" and he wouldn't have gotten away with it if he did. But I would not think it a specially low blow because that is how Bush does in fact come across.

        Obama does not. As we all know he has been proven (Harvard law review, constituitonal law professor) to be intelligent. This lets us sort the wheat from the chaff and see that not only was it disrespectful to the office, it was meant as a particular dig to THIS President.

        Because it is like he has green hair or saying he is short and fat. It is obviously not true. IT was a low race based dig from the other campaign
        And Romney got away with it.
        I am sickened.

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