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View Diary: Limbaugh's legacy of liquidation: 70% of talk radio sponsors deceived, ad revs drop as much as 50% (5 comments)

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  •  I think we are witnessing a battle of medias. (1+ / 0-)
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    Richard Myers

    I do believe that the efforts of small
    but dedicated collectives of activists
    have shown that sponsors buying practices
    can be influenced in a positive direction.
    All because we are able inform and coordinate
    effectively and inexpensively via the internet.

    It is simple really. No national, or regional brand
    that hopes to sell to as large an audience as possible
    can afford to be associated with what can only be
    defined as a very narrow and fringe element of
    the ideological and political spectrum in any degree.
    Yes, this audience and their purchases still are sought,
    but can no longer be easily pursued without risking
    damage to the more valuable and wider market share.

    Part of the demise of RW hate radio will certainly be
    due to the demographic trends of its target audience.
    Like its political party, it is aging and disappearing rapidly.
    Here again, how many young people do you personally
    know that listen to talk radio of any kind, at any time?

    I have long heard and read about the lack of
    transparency in the advertising and sponsoring
    of the entire RW radio 'constellation' with small
    market stations being offered free programming,
    or even national revenue participation for its broadcasts.
    If the revenue stream is deflected, content can be influenced.

    Another area where teh net has helped to equalize
    forces in radio is the fact that now even the smallest of
    local broadcasters, even low power non profit stations,
    have the potential to reach an international market that
    only the very largest national networks could ever reach,
    all for relatively cheap bandwidth server expenses.
    This is where most of the sought after demographics
    are growing, and where the ad dollars must surely follow.

    Remember all of this when someone says that blogging
    about any social and policy issues have no effects. It
    can't be denied that the words of one individual have
    minimal impact, but it is in this very association of like
    minded individuals, amplified, that has long been the
    source of wealth and power that established broadcasting,
    and now ironically, threatens the interests of the very
    few who managed to grasp control of its many narratives
    for their own selfishly narrow and anti social benefits.
    It will take some time, but the wheels of justice are grinding.

    Looking forward to your further offerings
    on this vitally important media issue.

    Thanks for all of your efforts

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