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View Diary: Romney dodges immigration by talking about ... Obama's pension? (80 comments)

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  •  Romney is possibly the most venal candidate in (9+ / 0-)

    recent memory. Clearly they do not like each other and I was wondering about that and think perhaps aside from being polar opposites Romney may just remind our President of the slefish sleazy people he had to deal with as a community organizer. Romney represents the very worst of America, in his supporters, his lack of ethics and his lack of patriotism. For someone to move jobs out of this country when the economy is crashing or trying to come back is absolutely reprehensible. More disturbing still is his inability to see the wrongness of what he does and to believe everyone who can does. How can we possibly elect a leader who doesn't even believe in this country? Please don't tell me he does it because he has investors, Warren Buffet has investors and has done very well betting mostly on America.

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