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  •  SCOTUS could take it up... (1+ / 0-)
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    Didn't necessarily have an issue with it, though the FL Supreme Court had ruled that the votes should be counted and vote counting resumed and that could've ended it right there. The Supreme Court didn't NEED to issue an injunction and step in... they could've just said "FL is in charge of how it assigns electors, so FL supreme court has final say" or something along those lines, but assuming that they needed to step in then...

    They didn't need to issue an injunction, and given that they issued the injunction and then waited a few days to hear the case (thus missing one irrelevant date that states had been given an exception to in the past) they didn't need to basically stand by that date and say "Oops, well.. we missed the date so we can't remedy the situation now... No more vote counting." The way they handled it they ended up becoming the REASON why the state missed the deadline, and then came back and said "Well, because you missed this deadline (that has been given exceptions in the past), you can no longer count the votes the way FL law tells you to."

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