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    Republicans have adopted a policy of pimping out tax cuts regardless of the situation. The truth is anyone can cut taxes if you have no regard for the deficits they leave behind. Amazingly, Republicans have been given alot of credit in this country for doing something completely irresponsible and then they have the nerve to complain about the results.

    When Reagan took office in 1981 this country had about $950 billion worth of accumulated debt.

    28 years later, of which 20 of those years we had Republican presidents, Obama took office with the country's debt at $11.7 TRILLION. Along the way the Republican Party pledged never to raise taxes ever again and insist that every possible economic scenario calls for tax cuts.

    Economy weak? Tax cuts.

    Economy strong? Must have been the tax cuts. Let's have more.

    Budget surplusses? Tax cuts will fix that, and we won't have to worry any more about what Greenspan described as "chronic surplusses".

    Massive debt? How about a 20% across the board tax cut! Will we love Mitt then?

    The Republican Party is off the rails.

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