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View Diary: My Benghazi Debate with Our Local 'Smart Conservative' (14 comments)

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  •  Democrats Are Weak On Foreign Policy (9+ / 0-)

    They sure do love that image. They have heavily invested in for decades. Have a hard time accepting the fact that they can not use it a winning issue this year. The economy is the dominant issue and people are generally happy with the way Obama and Secretary Clinton have handled foreign policy. There was talk that in their Reagan-Carter model for victory, they needed a foreign policy crisis like the Iranian hostage situation that they could exploit. Think it's a misguided strategy. People are tired of 12 years of wars. But your local smart conservative and the rest of the GOP can not give up the "Democrats are weak on foreign policy" even though it does not at all apply now. They are the only ones who really are outraged by the handling of the Libya crisis.  It is a losing issue for them but they don't realize it in their echo chamber.

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