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View Diary: Tagg Romney says seeing his dad under attack during debate made him want to take a swing at Obama (325 comments)

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    As a resident of the Governor's Commonwealth, I've really disliked him for a while, and thought he was an atrocious governor. It seems maybe he knew that too, so he never ran for re-election.

    I've changed my opinion of Mitt and his extended family. I no longer dislike them, I loathe and despise them. And increasingly, Republicans in general.

    Yet I feel bad about this, in the sense that I feel like it makes me no better than Teatards - my reflexive abhorrence of any and all things Republican is clearly paralleled in their hatred of all things Democratic.

    FSM have this election over soon.

    "You know, the only trouble with capitalism is capitalists; they're too damn greedy." - Herbert Hoover (Republican)

    by abdguyBOS on Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 07:55:45 AM PDT

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