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View Diary: At First I Got Upset. And Then I Started Pacing. And Then I Started Crying. (Ta-Nehisi Coates UPD) (133 comments)

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    Liberal Granny

    for your thoughtful reply, even at work.

    I personally am not hugely upset with a poster calling half the country racist as I am sure it feels that way at times. It is just that the left is accused of "playing the race card" ie calling people racist when they are not. They use this I think to dismiss concerns/defend themselves and shut down the conversation. It is very effective.

    That is why it is incumbent on us to be precise in using this very loaded word "racist" I do agree that predudice is a better word for some of it.

    I am in my mid forties and grew up in the North working class. I have life experiences, including but not limited to growing up in the 70s, that have lead to some predudice. I've not seen other White people talk about this. I've had to dig it out of myself and confront it at every opportunity. I HAVE met White people who do not have what I have but they are in the minority and the younger people are the less likely they have such ingrained attitudes.

    There is a test online I took a few years ago that was part of research study that measured subconcious predudice-- I took the racism test and the ageism test.

    I was so sure I'd come out as slightly racist. Ironically I tested slighly PRO Black, lol. Very few White people tested that way. I was very surprised as I know I have ingrained attitudes from childhood I need to confront. Some of these are from my own emotional experiences with Black people as childhood that I can cognitively override, and do. Maybe it's working.

    I wish I remembered the name for that kind of testing. Pictures flash on the screen of different kinds of people associated with different long you hesitate to pick the correct photo tells researchers if in the moment you have to override an association they present (such as "poverty" and "Black" or wise and Black vs Smart and White or dirty and White...just made that up) to act.

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