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View Diary: Are Capitalism and Democracy Incompatible? (159 comments)

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  •  Mythology: regulation is bad. (1+ / 0-)
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    Pretty much regulation exists to prevent the self-destructive, bad aspects of capitalism and to promote the good ones.  That's kind of the whole point.

    The problems started when certain people devised a theory that there actually are no self-destructive, bad aspects to capitalism.

    That statement is basically taken as a given by the GOP.  It's known by fiat that that statement is true (it's obviously true, the best type of truth, since you don't have to prove it).  Thus regulations only harm and undermine the perfect system.  People who promote them are therefore stupid or evil.

    It prevents us from having a discussion about what regulations we need and which ones we can relax or end entirely.

    That was my point.

    •  The other part of it is that Government is bad. (2+ / 0-)
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      Paul Rogers, jds1978

      Personally, I think we could do a lot better with National Healthcare.  

      I think the Government, no matter how inept, would be much better at working for the well being of patients than the insurance companies, who are basically concerned with nothing more than the profit of their companies.  

      At some point the one percenters have to realize that if they take, take, take and give nothing back we will end up having civil unrest on a par with France during the revolution.  Exxon Mobil can buy all the ad time they want exhorting the good stuff they do for the country, but when people start to wake up to the bullshit, heads will roll.  That, unfortunately, is how it always ends up.

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