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    Having been seriously messed with by White, Racist, so-called Evangelical Christians - like the KKK, and National Alliance - in one way or another, and on more than one occassion; having had zillions of "other" Christians - and, after "talking some serious Lashon', even some of the more right-leaning, though thoroughly misguided by Lashon and/or so-called 'Zionist Christians' who're probably nothing but KKK Moles, bits of the 'Ultra-Zionist' Jewish Community! - "throw in with them" to "prove to me that I'm 'nothing' unless I 'have Jesus'," or, "Altering my Medical Charts and SSDI Claim to knowingly and deliberately cause me pain and suffering, force me to accept Jesus Christ as my lord and savior, and.....just saving me from the greater pain and suffering of the Christian Hell (Where, on Dantes Seventh Level, they'll reside!)"; having seen mentally ill Jewish Lesbians (Jessica Dolin - Portland, OR., May 17th, 2003) suicides faked, and mentally retarded black girls beaten to death, sliced open, hosed with lighter fluid, and set ablaze under a bridge THREE DAYS LATER (Jessica Williams, PDX, found on May 21st, 2003); having been nothing but MESSED WITH - By the Right and Left; because they altered my Medical Charts, and told everyone I'm an "addict", rather than a Narcotic Pain Management Patient; I am sick and freaking tied of hearing these "right-wing religious nut-cases" - these "al Qaeda, with a Bible" - carping about the assault upon THEIR Religious Freedoms!!!

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