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View Diary: Romney campaign steps back on Libya after debate, but Rove fills the gap (93 comments)

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  •  there is a threshold for credibility (10+ / 0-)

    as a potential president.

    Foreign Affairs may not seem to matter in a time when the sole focus is on the economy.  Thus George H.W. Bush could not undercut Bill Clinton on the Arkansan's lack of foreign policy and military experience, in part because after the Gulf War most people did not see real international problems and were far more concerned about problems at home -  "It's the economy, stupid!"

    Yet now, for all the concerns about jobs and the economy, in a sense because Romney and the Republicans keep trying to focus on what they view as Obama's mishandling of foreign issues and the military, they remind people of the importance of at least minimal competence in these areas.  Thus Romney in a sense has set himself up to be badly undercut as a viable presidential candidate.

    He has now twice stepped in it on Libya.  While he tries to make an issue of "daylight" between the US and Israel, I would suggest and ad featuring David Cameron's dissing of Romney after the Republican suggested the British had not properly prepared their Olympics will remind people that Romney not only has no experience in diplomatic relations, in what he has done during this campaign he has repeatedly shown he does not understand.

    If he things he can be the kind of CEO - bully he tried to be in the Town Hall debate with a foreign leader like Putin or even with major allies like Angela Merkel, boy is he in for a rude awakening.

    "We didn't set out to save the world; we set out to wonder how other people are doing and to reflect on how our actions affect other people's hearts." - Pema Chodron

    by teacherken on Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 11:21:08 AM PDT

    •  Unfortunately, he would be in for a rude awakening (2+ / 0-)
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      native, Matt Z

      and America (and Americans) will pay. Let us breathe free while we still can envision a world without President Romney and if the fates are on our side - the reality of another Obama term will arrive (with our votes).  I can't see how we will survive the deep incompetence of another round of neo-cons dished out to the world - it will guarantee many people deaths - and it will just be a matter of where they focus their death-rays on to the world.

      Keep constant watch on your mind. - Dalai Lama

      by redstella on Thu Oct 18, 2012 at 11:54:05 AM PDT

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