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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest: Scott Brown calls family members of asbestos victims 'actors' (77 comments)

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  •  what amazes me (3+ / 0-)
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    is that in the comments section of the Taunton newspaper article you link to, the commenters quickly veer off the topic of Brown's losing gamble and take to rehashing the race in general.  I know it's to be expected but just once, ONCE in these comment sections, I would love to see a poster say something to the effect of, Yeah, his behavior here was loathsome BUT I'm still voting him or it was loathsome AND I'm reconsidering my position.  People act like they have been assigned to fight for Brown to the death, and logic and despicable behavior and hastily-drawn conclusions and pouty centerfold shoots be damned.

    I'd love to see who Brown has been representing in his legal work.  Rumors say it's mortgage companies foreclosing on families.  HEY, maybe I'll bring that up in the comments forum!...

    •  An interesting point (3+ / 0-)

      "People act like they have been assigned to fight for Brown to the death." Heh.

      What gets me is that this unforced error had to come from somewhere, as mentioned in the original post. What in the world would possess someone to make such a despicable, hurtful statement without checking to make 100% sure it was true? The upside would be to continue making out Brown's specious argument that Warren is some kind of phony. The downside to making Brown's statement is so bad (taunting the families of a particularly gruesome and preventable death), that the upside vanishes.

      This was extremely poor judgment by Brown.

    •  they likely *have* been assigned (3+ / 0-)

      Paid trolls for Brown have been clogging up message boards on like nobody's business.   They just keep attacking Elizabeth Warren and spewing the same talking points.   They were probably sent to do the same to the Taunton Gazette.  

      I can't wait until their short-term employment is ended in a few weeks!

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