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View Diary: Charles Krauthammer Sticks His Head Up His Ass And Screams. (196 comments)

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  •  Watched a Letterman replay last night: (11+ / 0-)

    After explaining the uproar caused by the video, President Obama said: “extremists and terrorists used this as an excuse to attack a variety of our embassies, including the consulate in Libya.”

    Which, by the way, is exactly what the NYT put out a couple of days ago.

    "An act of terror" in the Rose Garden the day after.
    "An act of terror" in Colorado that same day.
    "extremists and TERRORISTS" on Letterman 5 days later.

    This whole right-wing attack is a fraud, perpetrated by the most desperate and despicable group of political propagandists I've ever seen...right up there with the "he took credit for killing Bin Laden!" idiocy.

    Scream back at them. Point out their behavior loud and clear.

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