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  •  Welcome to Durham! It's a great place to (2+ / 0-)
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    animal mother, NCJan

    be a Progressive Democrat.  (And a great place to live in general!)  Come downtown around 11:00 tomorrow morning to meet a lot of new friends at the Early Vote Festival; there will be music and food trucks and a lot of Democrats partying in line while waiting to vote!

    •  Thanks! (2+ / 0-)
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      NCJan, kkbDIA

      We are in love with the entire area -- we moved here for what to us is the perfect combination of natural beauty, progressive community, general funkiness, great schools, great music, and a more laid-back pace of life than what we'd gotten used to in DC.  We haven't been disappointed.

      I'd heard about the early vote festival, which sounds great, but we have two little ones who I believe have different plans for our Saturday morning.  We did take them to vote with us today, though, and our three year-old loves Barack Obama, and she enjoyed seeing his face on t-shirts at the polls and learning about what an election is.  I heard her say this afternoon that Mitt Romney is a "mean, mean man." ;-)  If only we could get ballots for her and her one year-old brother...

      •  You clearly are excellent parents! By the way, (0+ / 0-)

        animal mother, if the animal you mother is a dog, there's a lot of good dog activities in the area.  I do agility, nosework and other training with my dog - she's the best antidote I know for election stress and other worries!  I took her to the recent "Good Dog, Bad Romney" march; she looked good in her "I Ride Inside" bandana.

        Have fun tomorrow morning!

        •  Full Metal Jacket (0+ / 0-)

          is actually the origin of my dkos name... we used to have a pup but we lost her last year, and we're waiting until the kids are a little older to get another one.  But our old pup used to march with a t-shirt during the Bush years that said "This Dog Has Had Enough." ;-)

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