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    i'm a woman of "a certain age", as the french say, and such things as the number of years i've lived means nothing to me in the abstract; i don't have an age, although others would see me as an "older" woman, as i have (silver) gray hair etc.

    there's no question in my mind, that young women have expectations of equality with men with no qualifications

    as a lawyer i've seen the number of us expand exponentially in the last 30 years, to the point where, even in the rural area i'm in, the bar isn't making the jokes about the two of us there once were, when now there's so many

    and in the public, which i see a lot as a lawyer for children in family court, the women are usually earning their living, and very often, rational litigants

    i tell this story every time i have the opportunity:  in the spring of 08, before pbo was the nominee, i was interviewing a 15 year old (white) girl from the back of beyond, nys appalchia, whose mother was accused of neglect because her live-in boyfriend was physically abusive to her in the presence of her children;

    i conferred with my client, and asked her about the boyfriend; she said he was "okay", then went on to say:  "but he's a racist"; it was then i knew bho had a chance; that's what the kids are like;

    the demographics are clear, women, people of color, and hispanics are going to be the majority and that bodes well for peace and sharing the good life

    i love how the issue has become so big in this election, because the public will learn how much power we have, and we can influence a democratic majority congress, even if they are all millionaires

    i also want to say that these days are the last time the pretend "men" will be running the show

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