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View Diary: Get the transcript: Mitt Romney and the Republican Party's antipathy toward reality (204 comments)

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    I'm in the midst of trying to explain to my 17 y/o why I am such a hard line lefty, and you're diary is rich with prime examples of right-wing phuckery to use as examples.

    In Dallas suburbia, he's facing a lot of peer pressure to believe Jesus rode a velociraptor into Jerusalem, etc., and I believe it's my responsibility to equip him with some information from the reality-based world.

    He's having a hard time grasping how in the world people can be so badly duped into voting against their interests, election after election, and I have to admit, so am I.

    Please proceed, Governor - PBO - 10/17/2012

    by tinfoilhat on Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 01:47:51 PM PDT

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