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View Diary: Get the transcript: Mitt Romney and the Republican Party's antipathy toward reality (204 comments)

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    he is counseled by delusional advisers who believe their own propaganda. The whole team is divorced from reality. They are all conditioned to groupthink. So they tell him "never mind what you hear, Obama never said that (based on their own parsing of the rose garden speech)". So he goes out fully "briefed" and is stunned to find that there is contrary evidence out there that a lot of other people treat as "truth" Stunned. That was the look. "how can this be happening to me? ME!' WMR???

    the cult has it's own secret handshakes, and when you listen to Limbaugh enough, or to John Bolton, or other sycophants, you lose track of what the rest of the world calls "reality". So the Times and the Wash. Post (and the Denver Post, today!!!) says (in general) "stuff doesn't add many assertions not backed by any facts, too much pie in the sky, too many cognitive leaps....maybe the MSM is getting scared that this could really be a catastrophe if Mitts gets elected.... and the burnout last week is just the start. Wait until after the next debate....

    Without geometry, life is pointless. And blues harmonica players suck.

    by blindcynic on Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 10:28:25 PM PDT

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