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View Diary: For Mitt Romney, Billy Graham ‘Sells Out’ His Faith & Jesus for Political Advantage (28 comments)

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  •  I had assumed this stuff came from Franklin... (3+ / 0-)
    •  Just out on The Weekly Standard - (0+ / 0-)

      Article just posted "Evangelical Landslide for Romney?". Couple clips:

      "Although not widely noticed, Mitt Romney seems to be on his way to capturing as much of the white evangelical vote as George W. Bush famously did in 2004. Bush got 79 percent. A Pew poll conducted before the first presidential debate had Romney getting 74 percent of white evangelicals versus 19 percent for Obama."

      "Critics on the left groused that Franklin Graham likely wrote the Romney statement and got his aged father’s perfunctory approval. But there’s nothing in the statement that sounds unlike Graham. The evangelist has typically avoided the appearance of direct political endorsements, his famous last minute decision to back away from endorsing Richard Nixon in 1960 being one example."

      The statement is made, the web sites scrubbed, the campaign launched... now here comes the noise machine right on que.
      •  The biblical definition of marriage (0+ / 0-)

        part of the statement...seeing that there is no such thing, sounded more like Franklin to me.  

        I could be wrong, but I doubt if Billy, who has been ill and incapacitated for a long time did anything but nod when Franklin passed it over to him.

        I think think the Mormon thing is still a major concern to people wrangling evangelicals.

        I could be wrong, but this is one those things which is a dirty little secret among Republicans.

      •  Here comes the National Religious Broadcasters - (0+ / 0-)

        In "Evangelical leader considers Romney’s Mormonism" CLIPS:

        One of them is Dr. Frank Wright, president of National Religious Broadcasters (NBR), who recognizes there are huge theological differences in the understanding of most Christians and many Mormons.

        "Governor Romney himself has acknowledged that there are significant differences between the things that he believes and that Christians believe," Wright says.


        NRB does not take positions on political candidates, so Wright expresses himself as a private individual in believing Romney could be the greatest defender of religious freedom of the modern era. He also believes that people should cast their votes based on their values.

        Sounding a little 'White Horse' in that one.

        Fox News "Latino" says Romney enjoys "strong support" of Latino evangelicals.

        Stories just piling in now... it's an October miracle.

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