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  •  this topic's pretty dear to me (3+ / 0-)

    tipped and recc'd.

    we have such an unavoidably huge job before us, just in general, in re-thinking our economic activity so that it supports, rather than trashes, the ecological systems and services we need to continue to live here on earth.

    the disappearance of environmental matters from political discourse is troubling.

    water is especially critical. i try not to give in to fear, but my gut intuition (based on education and a few years experience in water matters) tells me that within my lifetime, we will see just how foolish we (those of us with access to safe water) have been in taking it for granted.

    on the lighter / funkier side, your title conjures up this gem from graham central station.

    keep your eyes on the sky. put a dollar in the kitty. don't the moon look pretty. --becker&fagen

    by homo neurotic on Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 12:11:35 PM PDT

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