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View Diary: We condemn Israel. So why the silence on Syria? (31 comments)

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    When we begin giving Israel the same amount of aid (economic, military, or any other kind) as we give Syria, then you can make such a comparison.  Unlike Syria, Israel claims to be a democracy, and claims to believe in things like human rights.  Thus, when they commit genocide, the world laments the hypocrisy...loudly and uselessly.  Syria is neither a democracy nor a nation who upholds human rights, and it never has been.  

    What would a mass protest accomplish, by the way?  Do you really thing al-Assad cares if there are protests outside Syria?  A protest is a useless act without a goal...something the protesters wish to accomplish.

    As for the government, what do you expect us to do?  As is mentioned in your diary, armed intervention is currently very unlikely, and for good reason.  As a Muslim and as an American, I vehemently oppose arming the Free Syrian Army because it has been infiltrated by far too many al-Qaeda militants.  We are giving humanitarian aid.  We have sanctioned the top members of the Syrian regime.  We have tried, repeatedly, to get Security Council backing for some kind of international action, only to be met with a wall of vetoes from the East.  We have done what we can, and continue to look for other ways to help.  Or even to put a stop to this slaughter.  But the only way of doing that has already been ruled out, so I ask again: what do you want us to do?

    Terror has no religion.
    لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الل

    by downsouth on Fri Oct 19, 2012 at 04:59:41 PM PDT

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