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View Diary: Paul Ryan, The Ayn Rand Mad Man of Janesville (7 comments)

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    I'm just glad somebody stumble onto this as my rants really been going off into thin air it feels like. I was even on the wrong side of this issue its never too late to see the light. I'm from Buffalo and you walk around here, the people for the most part "get it" due to we've seen this tune played before in regards to "Vulture Capitalism" however my city only hope is still being close to The Northeast and the fact we have big city stuff for a small region.

    Paul Ryan however plays to the "Asshole Conservatives" whom think his vote is going to take away the 'Obamaphone lady' phone however thats just that "romnesia" talk as these programs never really go away. The ones whom get hurt the most are the folks just coming up and out of hard times they get the "hard landing" that knocks them back into poverty however try explaining this to a Teavangelist. You'll be better served trying to give directions in Boston then talk to these people. The Ayn Rand Cult are even more scary than the Teavangelist due to the average Tea Parter don't really know why they are outraged they just want the government to cattier to them in the name of cheap fuel and suburban living but its the Randites that lack faith in humanity and want to see you live in their dystopia.

    I say "fuck that!" Be prepared to take them on as well. They will talk cute about legal drugs, ending wars and liberty however have no answers outside of there cul-de-sac way of thinking.

    p.s. I'm not raging on suburbs or cul-de-sac's, just the idea that says there address is superior to yours thus I deserve all the investment but that is another subject, another time.      

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