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View Diary: President Obama gets some help explaining Romnesia ... from Mitt Romney himself (106 comments)

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  •  Silly word games or beating them at their own (3+ / 0-)
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    Judging by all the Romney supporters, it got under their skin and no one tries to refute it-just the refrain that Obama is being childish.

    The Dems have tried to take the high road for years-and lost. Dukakis, Kerry, even Carter tried to rise above the muck and were call weak or worse by the GOP. While I don't like it, and reading articles about Obama that he prefers to talk about policy, sometimes you have to give them a jibe back. The Republicans haven't had a Presidential that has fought back and that's why they hate him-because he beats them at their own game.

    I even read that FDR in his fourth term campaign, used to make rhymes and jokes about the three biggest GOP opponents that didn't vote for the New Deal. Humour is often mightier than the sword.

    •  The thing is - this is who Romney is (0+ / 0-)

      He is the stereotypical used car salesman that will say anything to get elected.  He has no character.  

      Barack is being kind.  Perhaps we should give up on Romnesia and just go with "crook and liar".


      PS - apologies to honest car salesmen.

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