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View Diary: Benghazi - John Kerry - Darrell Issa - Why it may be blowing up in GOP's face (226 comments)

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  •  not necessarily (15+ / 0-)

    may be better to let Kerry be the surrogate on this sideshow, and not get into the deep weeds of the hearings and the who said what at exactly what moment after the attacks with exactly what information at his or her fingertips. That stuff doesn't tend to play well in the fast-moving debate context.

    I'd rather have him go after Mitt for the "Soviet Union / Russia is our key enemy" or whatever statement, his boorishness during the London visit, and sending the Sensata jobs to China while China-bashing.

    •  I think he can mention it strategically (4+ / 0-)

      as a line but not to make conversation...he'd have to time it well.
      Romney did that really well during the last (2nd )debate...just kept up a narrative by dropping lines in most of his comments about how great he was as Governor but no one countered it so some undecideds now say "Romney was a moderate succsessful bipartsan Gov" and then he becomes more plausable to vote for.

      Sorry to digress. There may be a way to work it in. Kerry needs to work it as well. Maybe Reid is rubbing of on Kerry!

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