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View Diary: Benghazi - John Kerry - Darrell Issa - Why it may be blowing up in GOP's face (226 comments)

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    I no longer buy the "idiot" who acted in "haste" without "thinking" excuse for these guys. It is impossible for him for example, not to know that exposing the names of America's friends in Libya in these unsettled times would put their lives in danger. Moreover, it would put America's mission in danger. And if we add the fact that it is president Obama's administration that will be hold responsible for the outcome of this mission, it really is not a rocket science to conclude that for Mr. Issa, making sure that Barack Obama does not get credit has triumphed America's interest. He was simply sabotajing Obama's foreign policy successes.

    I am making this claim without hesitation because this type of behavior and thinking has been the hallmark of GOP establishment for the last four years and beyond. They have proven -both by word and deed-that America's interest is secondary to their zeal in getting rid of Barack Obama. Period.

    And lets look at the list of these 'unfotunate' events popping up in the recent times:

    1) the "anti-Muslim" video is made in a curiously corrupt manner by curiously corrupt persons (even the actors who played in it didn't know that their characters dialog in the script were dubbed into something else, after the movie was made)

    2) The movie was translated into Arabic language and made available to Muslim public viewing, worldwide. Important point: it as made clear to the target audience that "Americans made this movie." That way the movie was used to undercut the trust and the goodwill that has been painstakingly built in these parts of the world by Obama admin. So that GOP could say Obama's efforts have failed. And that Muslims will never be America's friends.

    3) Muslim world protests, including Benghazi. (Although these protests never include more than a few hundred, and rarely a few thousand people in most locations, our media makes it appear as if all billion muslims rised up and joined the protests as one people)

    4) CIA finds out the attack on the embassy was NOT a spontaneous part of the protests but pre-organized by known militants who used the protests as a cover to achieve their ends. [Here, the important question should be asked: Who are these people -al Qaeda and Ansar al Sharia (who the fuck are these people, really?) working for? Why did they kill Obama admin's ambassador? Did they prefer Ghaddafi? Something doesn't add up]

    5) GOP candidate Romney rushes to make his smirky comment blaming Obama admin (what was he so happy about, so much that he couldn't even hide his glee, which backfired on him?)

    6) And since then Romney and the rest of the bunch, most recently by Issa's assholeness, have been hard at work chipping at one of Obama's profound foreign policy triumphs by daily claims of malarkey.

    What is most strange-and curious- in this picture?

    The actions of the militants who attacked the embassy and killed four Americans, including the ambassador, could only be helpful to Romney, not Obama. The strange odyssey of the "anti-Muslim" movie (including the timing of it) effectively producing a whole bunch of "savage looking angry Muslim males with dark beards and their wide open foaming mouths" images to be paraded in Western media could only be helpful to GOP (They come to power when fear overrides reason in public subconscious).

    *It is a known fact that Nazi's manipulated their public with a fearsome enemy scapegoat while promising to protect them. It is no secret who the "fearsome enemy scapegoat" in these recent events, also. And Mr. Romney is definitely promising us to protect us from that enemy by strenghtening our war machinary and etc., blah, blah.

    Time to connect the dots people. Time to connect the dots. Time to ask questions.

    And investigate.

    "Corruptio Optimi Pessima" (Corruption of the best is the worst)

    by zenox on Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 05:37:34 AM PDT

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