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View Diary: Clear Channel to Remove "Voter Fraud" Billboards in Cleveland (153 comments)

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    What's a poor person to do?
    MIND controll…The construct of mind controll & destroying America by turning it into a serfdom of the 1%:
    CONTROLL all radio stations. I.e. Controll the MUSICIANS, THE SINGERS, the MOOD. Worse gets to worse you can BLIGHT em with digital light.
    I'm not going to get lengthy here. I'll just give you an example of one of the keys.
    When I hear a new song I like on the radio, I listen to the lyrics, write down, go to the internet, type in lyrics, type of song… Then instead of Oh, waiting, Oh waiting, Oh waiting (for a name of the song or artist for example), I then listen to the song on the internet when I want to.
    Like googling "rice history" the are over 400 types of rice in a rainbow of colors.
    I'm not poor with the internet.
    Another key; When all of the 9 stations on my simple remote are ALL commercials, at the SAME time of course, like I can absorb 9 different, after non-stop, I turn OFF the radio & ON the internet.
    The goal is Anti-Trust legislation and turning this nation back into expansion.
    GOTV!   GOTV!   GOTV!!!

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