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View Diary: Build a Chicken Coop: the Hidden Agenda of the Movement, Hiding in Plain Sight (24 comments)

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    an old hippie told me
    it's a lot of work,
    to actually live outside the system,
    feed yourself by raising your food,
    rather than working at a job,
    and buying your food at the store.

    I've seen my grandparents do it,
    to some extent,
    and they made it look easy.

    But they had been doing it all their lives.

    Your mention of school age children,
    that brings up a point;
    folks will need to work together in groups.

    I do not know the ideal size for a group;
    two or three sounds like not near enough,
    100 humans would be like herding cats.

    I'm guessing anywhere from
    to about a dozen humans,
    working together,
    everyone knows what to do,
    and when to do it.

    Younger folks have more energy,
    and if they eat some of the goat cheese,
    the eggs,
    the roast pork,
    and they see what they need to do
    to get more of it onto their plates,
    they would do it,
    instead of letting the middle aged and elderly
    wear themselves down.

    I need to put this into my next diary.

    Thanks again.

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