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  •  I don't want Obama to etch out a victory. I want (11+ / 0-)

    him to kick Romney's ass.  Why?  I'm tired of being treated like a second class citizen.  I personally feel the pain the President is going through. I have worked all my life for a brighter future.  I have three degrees, which I earned while working with a baby as a single mother.  I can't find a job anywhere.  I have lost jobs to college grads, people with GED's, and have worked under people with high school diplomas where I am forced to do their work for less pay.  It's gotten worse now.

    We both know that Obama's hands are tied to do anything to help the black community by virtue of his pigment.  He gets racked over the coals now for having the gall to appoint Holder DOJ, which has resulted in an unprecedented number of investigations, all of which have turned up zero.

    President Obama is called a terrorist, a Muslim, a Socialist, a Communist, a Kenyan, a food stamp President, the list goes on and on.  Every time I hear of some degrading statement about Obama, I take it personally.  Maybe I shouldn't, but I do.  For all of the ranting here by the Dems, I don't think a lot of them can begin to understand the pain the black community is feeling.

    If a white President had saved us from a Great Depression, was obstructed by Congress on everything, killed bin laden, obliterated al quaeda, and doubled the stock market, there would be no contest, especially if they were also a Christian running against a Mormon with a penchant for compulsive lying.

    I am apathetic, depressed, and sad.  But I'm still voting.

    •  Carlo you are right (3+ / 0-)
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      fou, Heidiho610, arabian

      And your sentiments mirror my comment above (in response  to joemcginnissjr).

      This is what is really driving this election. R-A-C-E.

      I'm not under any illusions that it's anything else.  If Mitt Romney looked like Herman Cain, his poll numbers would be in the 20's right now, and his policies, offshore accounts, refusal to release his tax returns, past abuses at Bain Capital, would be under FULL SCRUTINY as they should be by the media, 24/7.

    •  I think some people see it. (0+ / 0-)

      Seth Meyers made a joke last night about rural voters being for Romney by 22% (according to Gallup)..and then said they couldn't quite put a finger on why Romney just seemed more "right". As he slowly zoomed in more on more on the color of their skin, in a side by side split screen of Obama and Romney.

      Arizona: Remember the good old days, when we were just known as the Grand Canyon State?

      by AZ RedWingsFan on Sun Oct 21, 2012 at 10:00:45 AM PDT

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