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View Diary: CNN Headline: "Is Obama the 'Wrong' Kind of Christian?" UPDATE: Let them know! (157 comments)

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  •  I support peoples' right to be Mormon (6+ / 0-)

    and will not mock them for it. I have friends who are Mormon, after all.

    Thus said, why on earth court this conversation when by any measure, Mormons are considered, by other Christians, to be far less "mainstream" Christian than Obama's very middle-of-the-road faith.

    Madness to bring this up. It only puts the spotlight squarely on Romney's views, and it sadly puts Mormons into the spotlight (and again, they have a right to their views, just like I've got a right to mine).

    I think it's a whistle about Rev. Wright, and also that it is one too about Obama as a "Secret Muslim" and thus not a Christian at all; I think that's what they're trying to elicit here anyways.

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