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View Diary: Dawn Chorus: Tropical New Year (53 comments)

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  •  my recs keep disappearing, too (2+ / 0-)
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    etbnc, matching mole

    Is anyone else having troubles posting?

    “Parties do not lead revolutions. They follow them. And then only when forced to.” Joe Bageant

    by tgypsy on Sun Jan 06, 2013 at 03:08:39 PM PST

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    •  I haven't had any problems (1+ / 0-)
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      I did notice that you had recced something at one point and vaguely thought it was odd you had't commented.  Hope the problem goes away.

      "We are normal and we want our freedom" - Bonzos

      by matching mole on Sun Jan 06, 2013 at 06:05:40 PM PST

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