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View Diary: ** Petition to get CNN's Soledad O'Brien to Replace David Gregory on Meet the Press ** (71 comments)

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  •  Reason why the right doesn't consider her fair.... (0+ / 0-)

    They're wimps and they can't defend their views.  They don't like being challenged.

    I was making a point that conservatives like to see liberals challenged as well.  I don't think Soledad would have a problem doing this but remember, she's going after the Tea Party for factual information, not because she's trying to conduct a man hunt to destroy their credibility.

    For instance, take a look at Michelle Malkin.  She criticizes not just liberals but those who might otherwise be minorities and those involved in hot button issues.  She's a mean spirited witch of a woman who is not a real journalist or investigator.  Instead, she's arrogant and quite frankly, filled in a bubble of hate.

    Soledad, on the other hand, isn't filled with hate.  She's filled with questions.

    •  Someone who "goes after" liberals from the left (1+ / 0-)
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      is not someone who is going to be considered "fair" and impartial by BOTH sides.  

      You need someone who goes after progressives from the right (i.e., pressing Democrats to respond to the conservative argument) and goes after conservatives from the left (i.e., pressing Republicans to respond to progressive arguments).  Of course, when that happens, both sides complain that the host is spouting the other side's talking points because that host treats both views as having legitimacy.    

      •  You don't think Soledad can do both? (0+ / 0-)

        Remember, she's a journalist and she's won MANY awards for her journalism.  I don't think Rachel Maddow or David Gregory have that kind of acclaim.

        Also, O'Brien has been a journalist covering MANY topics across the board.  She's done more than even Gregory has.

        •  I don't know, frankly. (1+ / 0-)
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          What I'm doing is defining the qualities a MTP host needs to have.  I've seen her challenge guests "from the left."  She also needs to be able to challenge guests "from the right" as well to be a credible host for a show like MTP.

          •  I understand. Your questioning makes sense (0+ / 0-)

            Soledad O'Brien definitely does have to overcome the notion of being a partisan journalist.

            On the other hand, she hasn't hosted Meet the Press yet so we don't know.  O'Brien has not been a partisan journalist before and she's also had experience working as an anchor, more so than even Rachel Maddow.  That in turn will work to O'Brien's favor more than Maddow.

            Besides, I'm sure O'Brien can keep her composure.  She's a tough woman, at least from what I believe.

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