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  •  Are you talking about attracting conservatives or (0+ / 0-)

    are you talking about attracting far right loons? My husband considers himself conservative, and he likes Rachel, most of the time. I think reasonable people, conservative or not would tune in.

    •  It depends on who you talk to (0+ / 0-)

      I think it's a good thing that your husband, a pro-claimed conservative, tunes in to Rachel Maddow.  That's a good sign.

      However, Maddow is still a lightning rod for the conservative base.  I don't believe your husband may speak for the entire conservative base at large (including both conservatives and right wing conservatives).  Then again, I don't know your husband and his family so I can't be the judge here.

      My mother, for one, is a moderate Republican but she doesn't tune into MSNBC yet she's also pro-choice and pro-gay rights but she's likely to vote for Mitt Romney because she's a loyal Republican.  I think she's an enigma if you're talking about politics but then again, she's still very smart.

      On the other hand, David Brooks, while being still uninformed at times, is still a very intelligent conservative whereas others like William Kristol aren't (actually, Kristol isn't dumb, his ideology SUCKS).

      •  My husband is not a Republican, nor is he (0+ / 0-)

        a Democrat, he considers himself Independent, but he thinks he might be conservative, and on some issues he is, but on others not so much. The one thing he is, is fair and reasonable, and a crazy man about equal rights for women. It could be we have two daughters and that is the reason for his tilt that way.

        •  It may be difficult to categorize conservatives (0+ / 0-)

          My mom says my father is more conservative than I think but the honest truth is, at heart, my father is a humble person who is absolutely fine with whatever decision I make in life.  In addition, he's actually more knowledgeable about history and economics than even I am and points out facts I didn't even consider when I was making my case to support some of my progressive views.  He also is very pro-union and pro-progressive economic views.  I don't know where my mom says my father is conservative other than being fiscally conservative.  Now that I can DEFINITELY accept as reasonable.

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