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View Diary: Galloway's Testimony Before Senate: MUST READ! (401 comments)

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  •  That reminds me of (4.00)
    The first Post-9/11 press conference given jointly by Bush and Blair.

    I'm not the world's biggest Blair fan (especially given everything we've learned about his pre-war knowledge), but during that press conference Blair was just so damn eloquent.  He's a great speaker, at times.  And then when you hear Bush speak -- you have to wonder, how in the hell could this bumbling idiot get to be the leader of his local jaycees, let alone the leader of the free world.

    Your president lied to me.

    by Oaklander on Tue May 17, 2005 at 03:21:57 PM PDT

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    •  The eloquence and combative nature... (4.00)
      of many elected members in a parliamentary system is why assurances had to obtained from Canadian,Australian and British parliaments that members would not try to question George Bush when he visited.
      American politicians can rarely think on their feet anymore.They simply cannot function without a script.
      Bush would never have survived in a parliamentary system.He is never prepared and is not a quick enough thinker to make it to the front benches where the real power resides.
      So it was a delight to see Galloway speak without notes,and especially without lawyers whispering in his ear,no teleprompter,the cameras rivetted on those cold,glittering eyes which never left Coleman's face.
      •  That's it, I'm done then (none)
        I'm going to have to ask to immigrate to the U.K. cuz I'm tired of this shit. Blair just got voted back in but he's toast in this system.  My politicians can barely spell their names in front of a camera anymore and stand by it, let alone let some fucking gangsters really have it like they ought to have and barely miss a beat because they mean it!  Maybe we don't have the greatest political system in the world!  Maybe my kindergarten teacher was just a propagandized pawn droning away in a brainwashed trance!
      •  And Galloway is (none)
        a backbencher.  (At least he was while in the Labour Party.  I guess he has to be considered a leader of the Respect Party.)

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