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View Diary: Galloway's Testimony Before Senate: MUST READ! (401 comments)

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  •  Speaking of Democrats... (none)
    How did Levin and the other "Good Guys" respond/follow up on Galloway's opening statements?

    [I wish CSPAN would open up and release the video on their website]

    •  Re: (4.00)
      There were no other "good guys" there, just Levin.  I didn't see it live, but I read some of it after the fact.  He had some good questions for Galloway, pointed stuff, the sort of fair questions an investigator should be asking.  Galloway did sidestep one question and I heard Levin was a bit annoyed afterwards.  Be that as it may, the "case" against Galloway is paper-thin and Galloway played it right by focusing on that fact, rather than volunteering to help prove the prosecution's case for them.

      I have a lot of respect for Carl Levin and I think he takes his job very seriously.  The Democrats' agenda isn't to paper over the oil-for-food scandal, after all; if people committed crimes, they should pay for it.  Where we differ from the Republicans is that we think ALL the responsible people should pay for it.  All the Republicans care about is using this as an excuse to tear down the UN.

      •  Thanks for your perpsective, but (none)
        After following  to the video twice, I must disagree with you about Levin.

        I can understand why CSPAN is not allowing [being prevented from having?] the video in their online archive, and none of the video show Levin or Coleman facial expressions during their questioning, or their reaction shots to Galloway's statements.

        Because they look really bad.

        Levin came across very poorly in his brief questioning of Galloway. He seemed somewhat shrill and agitated, and kept interrupting Galloway before Galloway had a chance to respond to most questions Levin posed. Levin was employing typical 'gotcha' type tactics. Very undignified of Levin to stoop that way. Reminded me of how Tweety behaves on Hardball.

        I voted a couple times for Levin when I lived in Michigan, but was extremely disappointed to see his debased performance on this matter.

        It is very telling that they cut the hearing short right after the first Galloway round and did not even take testimony from the rest of the panel. Coleman and Levin knew they were looking bad and did not have the courage/conviction to continue with the hearing.

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