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View Diary: Galloway's Testimony Before Senate: MUST READ! (401 comments)

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  •  I saw Galloway on Charlie Rose too! (none)
    I was wondering if anyone here saw and heard what I did -- Mr. Rose, downcast and slumping in his posture, was throwing banal recycled dodgeball attacks at Mr. Galloway instead of asking him new questions, or even listening to his replies.
    Rose resembled a groundhog toothing a fencepost rather than an attack dog, but his show is supposed to be informational rather that controversial.
    Galloway was the one who was flying the Atlantic both ways, but he didn't look dispirited or tired at all.
    There was a time when I would have projected onto Rose motives of institutional fear that made him pretend like he was auditioning for Fox News, but I'm wondering if he was just plain too "bushed" to perform -- even when handed the hottest interviewee of the day.
    There was a point where Galloway's demeanor changed from that of a slightly nonplussed guest ("What the Hell is Rose on me for? He's not like this to others.") to a person with something better to do than put up with abuse. He straighted up a little and took over the show -- saying much of what he'd said earlier right in the faces of US senators.
    I admired Galloway for refraining from the many scathing remarks he could have rightly tossed back at Rose, but unlike many of our officials, he is not a cavalier bully.
    •  Progressives are starved for leadership (3.33)
      In reflecting on the outpouring of gratitude for Galloway on Daily Kos, and comparing this with the markedly less enthusiastic Gaurdian's coverage of his speech, I'm struck by how completely starved U.S. progressives are for leadership.  

      Yes, we have Conyers and Boxer ... but when was the last time you saw them on TV denouncing the Iraqi invasion and accusing the Bush administration of criminality?  What about Howard Dean?  And forget Clinton and Kerry.  They have not taken a stand, as far as I'm concerned.  

      So, I'm not sure that Galloway is MLK or Gandhi, for all I know maybe he did profit from oil sales.  But what is abundantly clear is that American progressives are crying out for political leadership.  Where are you, progressive politicos???  We will vote for you!!!

      May all beings be free from fear.

      by shakti on Wed May 18, 2005 at 08:46:00 AM PDT

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      •  Your view is a bit simplistic! (none)
        Politicos primarily watch what the majority of their candidates want said/done. In that sense, George Galloway did not have a constituency to watch out for and that independence gave him leeway to couch it as strongly as he could. If Senator Boxer or Rep. Conyers were to be as shrill, then there would be a serious outcry from the Republicans in their constituency, and with this fascist climate, they would find a way to make the pay. Galloway has no such worries. Now if Galloway had the guts to do something similar in UK, the you may have had a point.

        Of course there is no true leadership on these issues in USA - but that is a reflection primarily of how incredibly stupid the discourse has become amongst the voting population. We are getting what we richly deserve!

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