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View Diary: The Great Deb Fischer Nebraska Landgrab (15 comments)

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  •  She was bought and paid for (2+ / 0-)
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    cherie clark, Ripeness Is All

    by out of state interests. She ran in an extremely weak GOP  field for the primary.

    She started out with a 70-30 lead in early summer polling. The National Dems penciled in Nebraska's Dem seat as a loss early on and sort of looked to Missouri, Mass, and Wisconsin.

    Without much out of state party support, Kerrey is gnawing his way back into the fight and could win this if the momentum continues.

    One thing Kerrey did was to support "early voting". By doing so, he was encouraging voters to cast ballots before his campaign peaked.

    Thankfully, "early voting" has been viewed with a very suspicious eye and the turnout has been almost negligible so far.

    Fischer a one timer?
    I dunno.
    If she doesn't go to prison early, Nebraskans don't change their habits easily.
    Sun comes up, they poop, and vote for the same ol' same ol'.

    What is this I hear of sorrow and weariness, Anger, discontent and drooping hopes... Life is too strong for you-- It takes life to love Life

    by Nebraska68847Dem on Mon Oct 22, 2012 at 11:52:01 AM PDT

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