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View Diary: Italy sentences scientists, officials to jail for something that is almost impossible (159 comments)

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  •  As I recall, from 30 years ago and in college (1+ / 0-)
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    studying architecture (and lived in Italy nearly 10 years prior to that), it is the Italian policy to let the ancient monuments alone - no reconstruction, only minimal stabilization required for public safety.  This is particular with the Coloseum in Rome.  Gravity is the only thing hold much of it up now.  All those pits you see in the structure is where iron was dug out for reuse.  The iron were like bolts between the stone blocks.  The iron pieces were in the rough shape of an I, where the vertical part of the I would be perpendicular to the meeting edges of stone.

    You should see the film of Vesuvius erupting in Naples during the later part of WWII.  Buildings were falling over right and left in the path, but then it was a 'slow' moving wall of rock.

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