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View Diary: Voter Intimidation in Tennessee: My Week in Voting Hell (134 comments)

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  •  hispanic = guilty in TN (7+ / 0-)

    I have a family member who works at the TN state legislature, and her boss gets calls all the time from constituents who are trying to get people arrested for being "Mexican" in appearance, name, or looking foreign in some way.  No proof or reason--they think these people look foreign and they want them OUT. And they want them deported instantly! She's gotten hundreds of calls of this nature.

    The good news is that my family member, who used to lean Republican, is running like the wind from the GOP.

    THe bad news is that there's a lot of crazy out there in TN and it sounds like your poll worker was one of those who'd lock up anybody suspected of being foreign on sight.

    Good work at staying in her face and not backing down. I applaud your efforts to inform Tennesseans about their rights.

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