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    GNP, GDP the DOW and many other measures count good, bad and indifferent spending. If a large - well insured apartment building burns down and injures a lot of people with health insurance the dead are buried, the injured are given medical care, the owners get an insurance payment and rebuild essentially the same building what is the result?
    People dead and injured and lots of labor and materials go into restoring the property to where it was and economic measures go up. If a building inspector finds the problem and the owner repairs it preventing the deaths, injuries and property damage for a nominal sum, what is the result? Essentially no measured economic growth and the building owner whines about excessive regulation.

    We need a measure of good things, productive things and well being of the people's health, education and productive work. We also need to remove financial manipulation that transfers money from poor and middle class to billionaires from economic data. What is better, one person with a billion or ten thousand people with $100,000 or 100,000 people with $10,000? WE NEED TO ANSWER THAT!

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