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View Diary: The state of the race in North Carolina (214 comments)

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  •  I think the idea is (1+ / 0-)
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    that demographically states like Iowa, New Hampshire, & Wisconsin might all fall together if things go poorly for Obama ... but theoretically in such a situation a state like NC could come to the rescue with its heavy AA population.

    NC is 22% black & 8% Hispanic ... if Obama pretty much runs the table in these demographics then he starts off in a very strong position before getting into white voters ... there's also a lot of young liberal white voters in NC because of all of the colleges.


    for example; if Obama takes 25% out of those 30% (AA + Hispanic) then he only needs 25% out of the remaining 70% (mostly white) to get to 50%... 25/70 is just 36% ... and like I said there are a lot of college towns in NC where a lot of white Obama voters are at.

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