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  •  I have posted this many times over the years (5+ / 0-)
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    here at Kos.  I am a disabled Vietnam veteran who served honorably.  I spend a lot of time at the VA Hospital for various reasons.  I meet a lot of veterans (in groups and individually).  There are far many more Progressives/Liberals than is commonly believed.  I knew when I served in the USAF - beginning in the late '60's, that there was a strong prohibition in the Air Force against any political pressure being used by anyone and against any proselytizing of religious beliefs, in any way.  Those were forbidden.  So, I was a young airman and I met many, many Liberal, smart, educated, free spirited and sometimes bisexual or gay young airmen just like me.  It was actually a wonderful experience that taught me there were fascinating men and women serving all over the world.  I even worked at NATO HDQT's in Belgium and met some of the brightest and most interesting people in the world.  I am truly grateful for those experiences and the memories I now hold in my heart.

    You can imagine the contempt I hold for Mr. Romney, a chickenhawk who ran out of the country to ensure he would avoid serving in the US military.  Yes, draft dodger.  And his children are also not worth mentioning, in my view.  Something is missing in that whole family as far as an attachment to the country and the people the rest of us identify with and love and have served.

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