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View Diary: "Antiscience Beliefs Jeopardize U.S. Democracy": Scientific American article (115 comments)

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    and stop the propagandizing of Americans on our home turf. Lies and hateful rhetoric should not be treated as viable commodities anywhere, but especially not in a democratic republic

    •  Propoganda is indeed the key (4+ / 0-)

      As a scientist I am intrigued by the thoughts of a fellow scientists as to how just a few industries have closed ranks and formed a nearly bullet proof unified message that seeks to ridicule any other "opinions" regardless of how much evidence supports them.

      Specifically this deals with oil supplies in the world and how the planet is in the midst of a supply crisis that will not and cannot be solved by the business as usual "drill baby drill" same old tired "solutions".

      Still - the message from the select industries is "Party On !" - as my colleague describes it - put forth by an "Iron Triangle" of corporate America.  The triangle consisting of:  oil companies ("there's plenty of oil !  it won't run out for thousands of years !"), the auto/housing/finance industries ("sure buy that huge house in the exurbs, commute in that giant SUV and do it all with some funny business loan from our bank - don't worry the oil companies say there's plenty of oil !"), and the corporate media ("the oil CEOs and finance industry CEOs are OBVIOUSLY the smartest men in the room - trust them - there's plenty of oil to keep growing and growing and growing the economy !  After all would they be spending on all this advertising through us if it wasn't true ?").

      The problem is that the SCIENCE tells a much different story - a story that cannot get any traction due to obfuscation by the Iron Triangle.

      My often exasperated fellow scientist (petroleum geologist) points out the madness of the whole situation in the following way:  it is very illustrative of the mess in which we find ourselves in that those who have done rational analysis and science on the subject are labeled as "crazy" and continuously marginalized while those (the Iron Triangle) who constantly parrot a message of "of course it is possible to have infinite growth and infinite oil supplies on a finite planet" are seen as the "voice of reason".


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