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View Diary: Ronna Romney posts pics of Ambassador Stevens' corpse to Facebook (205 comments)

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    she works for the romney campaign as part of Romney's Florida Finance campaign.

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      in that case, this issue is huge, and could probably swing the entire election our way if we all pretend to care about a post on a facebook account of a person we never would have heard of if it werent for people being outraged about a thing that they really dont care about. see, i thought she was merely an ex-sister-in law, but since it turns out that shes also some perfunctory state-level campaign commission member, and lost a senate primary to some other guy no one has heard of literally 20-years ago, well. . . THIS IS HUGE!!!!

      seriously, though, do you guys ever read drudge or any of the red state tripe and laugh at the ridiculous rumor-mongering and fake scandals that the online right wing seems to be foaming at the mouth over? you realize you guys are basically a mirror image of that, but on the left, right? except, even worse, the reason you guys  use to pretend this is an issue is basically, "republicans are petty dicks, so its essential that we be EVEN MORE petty, and EVEN MORE dickish. because thats what our political discourse needs"

      well, good luck with that.

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