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View Diary: Ronna Romney posts pics of Ambassador Stevens' corpse to Facebook (205 comments)

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  •  her FB post is symptomatic of a larger (1+ / 0-)
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    response from the right on this issue. From the moment it happened, they've only seen the political angle, how they could use it to hurt the President. From the Boca fundraiser where Romney made his 47% comment he acknowledged that if an international incident arose, similar to the Iranian Hostage Crisis, he'd immediately seek to take advantage of it for personal political gain.

    At no point did I insinuate what you imply I did. You really jumped the shark with that ridiculous analogy.

    Ronna Romney's vulgar desire to attack on Benghazi is no different than the deranged fever burning through right wing forums and voters on Benghazi and it was all kicked off by the man at the top of the ticket, who launched his political attack on Benghazi on the very day of the incident.

    No Democrat should put up with this at all.

    And it does affect all of us because it's ingrained into half of our national discourse.

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